Links You Don't Want to Lose

Thanks to SMK.

If you’ve been diagnosed with MS, there’s a good chance you have Lyme, and not MS.

In studies listed in the links below, 25 – 100% of MS patients tested positive for Lyme. Lyme and MS both affect the central nervous system, so they have a lot of similar symptoms. One diagnostic symptom many MS patients have is ‘lesions on the brain or spinal cord’. But, Lyme can cause these lesions, too! Your doctor probably tested you for Lyme before he/she made the MS diagnosis, but remember over 50% of blood tests result in false negatives, and a lot of doctors refuse to recognize this. Some people believe that ALL MS is Lyme; in fact, here’s one article that proves it:

There have been MS “epidemics” in the past where 40 times more cases of MS occurred than normal. Those epidemics appear to correlate with the large-scale introduction of dogs or other animals that are hosts for ticks. Everyone diagnosed with MS should read this article, be sure to scroll down to see the graphs/charts/peer reviewed articles:


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