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(for the record, this is why I feel a whole body approach is important. I dont know what the RIGHT thing is in LYME, but I know that each patient needs to be treated differently and all have different needs).
From my email:

please watch “20/20” THIS Friday May 18, 2012 for a special program including our “Elaina”.

Elaina P. will be on 20/20 this Friday night at 10pm. The show is about kids with unusual illnesses that are hard to understand. Elaina has had chronic lyme for 4.5 years, treated for 3.5 years. The last year has been the most difficult with episodes of tremors, a speech disorder sounding like an accent to us, and brain fog that prevents her from doing any school work. She has been on IV antibiotics for 10 months and took a month off and went right back downhill so she is on different IVs now. I hope they edit the show with respect for her and Lyme patients. I’m very concerned about that, but we are going to take a chance to get the word out.

Elaina’s can be contacted thru her FaceBook page:


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