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I do not know the original source, but I got this from KD on Facebook.

How to Test for Yeast (Candida)
Candida is a major weight loss inhibitor.

1. A. Fill a CLEAR GLASS with WATER at bedtime.
2. B. Put the glass next to your bed.
3. C. AS SOON AS YOU AWAKEN, spit into the glass. DO NOT WORK UP A “GOB” OF PHLEGM – just use what is already in your mouth.
4. D. Wait two minutes – then HOLD THE GLASS UP TO A LIGHT, rock it gently in your hand, and observe the condition of the sputum atop the water.


1. 1. If the spit sits on top of the water and slowly dissolves — YOU ARE CLEAN.
2. 2. If “tentacles” appear to be descending to the bottom — YOU HAVE CANDIDIASIS. NOTE: Even wispy tentacles indicate the presence of candida. If it looks like a jellyfish — you have the presence of Candida overgrowth in your system which is a major weight loss inhibitor.
3. 3. If the water turns cloudy, or the sputum sinks — YOU HAVE CANDIDA IN HIGH CONCENTRATION.

If your candida test indicates the presence of Candida, we highly recommend using our Detox Tea which helps to rid the body of many toxins as well as Candida.

Question: How do I take care of ridding my body of this Candida? Answer: Order Detox Tea to clean this Candida out of your system.


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