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Just reporting info….
The William D. Geiser Lyme Away Lodge is now open for homeless lyme patients.
165 E. Crumb St.
Gilman, WI. 54433

The lodge was named after William D. Geiser, a local man that suffered for many years with lyme and co-infections, was misdiagnosed and never given adequate treatment. William had repeatedly told other members of the community that one day, there should be a lodge or clinic where lyme patients could go to recover. He said he would call it the “Lyme Away Lodge”.

As fate would have it, on the very day that William was scheduled to have his first ever LLMD appointment, those volunteering to pick him up for the appointment found him deceased at his home. I spoke with one of those volunteers this evening. She was quite emotional at the thought of this being named after William and so it shall be.

The Lyme Disease United Coalition is sponsoring the lodge and donations and assistance are most welcome. 800-311-7518. You can secure an application form from the LDUC.

The lodge will have 15 beds at full capacity. Right now the lodge is in need of bed sheets, towels, paper towels, toilet paper, canned goods, detergent, soap, toothpaste, etc. Normal household items.

Please send these directly to the lodge’s address at:

William D. Geiser Lyme Away Lodge
165 E. Crumb St.
Gilman, WI. 54433

Additionally, Margie Morehouse RN is in need of volunteers to help clean, paint, basically spruce the place up as patients will be arriving shortly. This entire project was organized by Margie and she is to be commended for her devotion to the cause. You can reach Margie at : 715-560-2076 or 715-447-8336.

I’m going to volunteer either this weekend or next to help get the lodge ready so other volunteers are welcome as well. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only homeless lyme patient facility in the country. A pilot program if you will. I’m wondering if someone with artistic ability could perhaps paint a sign with the name of the lodge which can be placed outside the building ?

Let us continue to walk for those unable.

Be Heard

There is a Lyme petition at the following address:
The petition will only be up until 2/10/13, and we need 25,000 signatures for the White House to review and respond.

This is the best chance for raising Lyme awareness I have seen, so please spread the word!

Cowden Protocol

Video to Learn More About How the Cowden Protocol Works